Flo Alice

I believe that happiness is a choice, and I want to help and inspire you to make this choice. This website is for you to discover my work, intentions and the impact that I can have on your life. Music is not just an entertainment but a powerful way for someone to process their emotions and become a happier person.

Sometimes, a song can gives us the spark to start something, or the impetus to finish something that remains unfinished. From all these little sparks there will be, at the end of the journey, a big bright shiny star.

My name is Flo Alice and on this platform, I will share with you songs, live sessions, music tips, dance videos, podcasts, thoughts, pictures and everything that could bring you some joy, awareness and imbue your life with more energy.

This is the first demo of my first album entitled "I Will Find".

It’s a reminder that it is better to wait for Mister Right than to try to change Mister Idiot into Mister Right (A quote from the wonderful Cher).

It also deals with the fact that affective or emotional addiction is a subject that we are not talking about enough, and can damage us even more than physical addictions.


I Will Find - Flo Alice

I wonder what made me suddenly wanna go

Of course, you are pretty, it’s hard to not say so

But I feel that flow I don’t seem to forget

You remind me of those with whom I didn’t fit

For those, I didn’t fit I want to say I am sorry

Somehow, I knew deeply that you weren’t the right for me

I swear to myself that now I’ll listen carefully

So sorry but you won’t stay over mon Cheri

I will find the one who blows my mind

I will find the one who let's me shine

I have to say that it’s not easy for me

To let you leave and stay here without company

But if a little discomfort can avoid tragedy

Alors, I will make loneliness be mon ami

I have no time for stories that are going nowhere

Better be with my boos, brushing and curling their hair

And I will take the time to find the right person for me

Cause this one sera la pour toute la vie

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Come sing along with me at Jazz after dark, Greek street, Soho on August 5th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 20th, and 26th.